Circlar : Commencement of Work, Year – 2021


Ministry of Public Administration has issued the circular on Commencement of work , Year 2021. And the Oath of Public Servants also Attached.
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Main Programme
I. Hoisting the National Flag by the Head of the Institution or Office, in the presence of the members of all the staff (at the instances where the gathering of whole staff is restricted due to limited space, any alternative arrangement may be made to ensure the participation of every officer of the institution.) 
II. Singing the National Anthem after hoisting the National Flag 
III. Observing two minutes silence to commemorate the war heroes and others who sacrificed their lives on behalf of the motherland. 
IV. Reading aloud the Oath of Public Servants (attached herewith) in any language convenient for the members of the staff. 
V. Delivering a brief speech by a resource person from the health sector, which emphasizes the responsibility of each individual and the society as a whole to prevent the spread of Covid – 19, which is the major health issue faced by the country at present. 
VI. Delivering a brief speech by the Head of the Institution, on the theme based on the necessity of ensuring the prompt, honest and unwavering contribution of all members of the staff to create a productive citizenry, a happy family and a disciplined society.