Mobile App for Teachers : Education Ministry

NEMIS – THRM AppThe Ministry of Education in Sri Lanka has taken actions to setup an Information System for teachers in Sri Lanka named as the Teacher Human Resource Management (THRM) system under the National Education Management System (NEMIS).
This system is to provide service for the Sri Lankan teachers in government schools, special Education schools, Private schools and Pirivenas. The data entry of each teacher is done by the respective zonal education office where the teacher serves, based on the information of teachers’ personal files. The data uploaded and updated by the respective officers who are handling the teachers’ personal files in the zones, under the supervision of staff-grade officer.
If any information shown in the app is not accurate or to be updated, please contact the respective zonal NEMIS coordinator whose details are mentioned under the coordinators list in this app
It is also the teacher’s responsibility to keep up to date information in the system.
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