Online Application : Ranabima Royal College

Online Application : Ranabima Royal College
Online Application 
Grade 06 (2021) 
Ranabima Royal College : Gannoruwa 

සිසුන් ඇතුලත් කිරීම 
රණබිම රාජකීය විද්‍යාලය
ரனபிம ரோயல் கல்லூரிக்கு 
மாணவர்களை அனுமதித்தல் 

Special Note : This portal only for the schools. If parent need to apply, please contact your school principal. Applications should be forwarded via school principals only. (DO NOT apply as individuals. Those applications will be rejected)

Applications are invited for Grade 6 Admission (2021) to Ranbaima Royal College (Gannnoruwa) . Closing Date 25.09.2020

Online Application Guidelines 

(Technical help:0771366504)

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Online Application