Power Cut Schedule Today Sri Lanka (11.02.2023)

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Sri Lanka Power Cut Schedule (Time Table) officially released by the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) and the Ceylon Electricity Board (CEB).Here we are updating Daily Power Cut Schedule.

Power Cut Schedule/Details Today

We will update the daily power cut schedule and electricity supply disconnection time, electricity supply restore time, duration and relevant area groups here on this website everyday. For quick access to power cut schedule today, you can bookmark this page. Around 080:00 AM, a comprehensive details of each day’s power cut schedule is made publicly available.

Power Cut Schedule Time Table Today 11.02.2023

The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL) has announced a power interruption for  02 hours duration today. Check the below table to find today’s Power Cut Schedule. 

 Disconnection Time  Restore Time Duration Groups
04:00 P:M – 04:30 P:M 04:40P:M -05:10 P:M 40 minutes I,J,K,L,T,U
04:40 P:M – 05:10 P:M 04:40P:M -05:10 P:M 40 minutes E,F,G,H,P,V,W
05:20 P:M – 05:50 P:M 04:40P:M -05:10 P:M 40 minutes A,B,C,D,Q,R,S
06:00 P:M – 06:30 P:M 04:40P:M -05:10 P:M 1 Hour & 20 minutes I,J,K,L,T,U,V
07:20 P:M – 07:50 P:M 04:40P:M -05:10 P:M 1 Hour & 20 minutes E,F,G,H,P,Q,W
08:40 P:M – 09:10 P:M 04:40P:M -05:10 P:M 1 Hour & 20 minutes A,B,C,D,R,S

Power Cut Schedule Yesterday

Power Cut Areas and Codes, Sri Lanka

Check the below tables to verify your area’s group letter, feeder number and, affected major areas due to  power interruption.

Power Cut History- Sri Lanka

  • In 2019, Sri Lanka faced a severe electricity crisis that lasted nearly a month, starting on March 18th and ending on April 10th. The crisis was brought on by a drought that caused a depletion of water levels at hydroelectric plants.
  • The Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka has decided to have daily 2-3 hours of power interruption due to the reduced water releases for hydropower generation and lack of fuel availability for thermal power generation instead of other power cut interruptions like repairs.
  • This may happen due to inadequate generation to cater to energy and capacity deficits.
  • However, demand management measures may be excluded according to the inflow conditions of hydro catchment areas.
  • However, depending on the hydro catchment areas’ inflow condition, demand control mechanisms may not be required in the future.

FAQ on Power Cut Schedule Today

  • How to check Power Cut Schedule Today ?

From official website www.ceb.lk, Call 105 to get information, From www.tribune.lk

  • How to check today Power Cut Schedule online(official website)?

Visit the official website www.ceb.lk. There is a box on the right side of the home page that is included the power cut schedule pdf. You can get today’s power cut schedule by using the search option or downloading a pdf.

  • How do I find power cut areas today?

Visit www.ceb.lk and download today power cut schedule pdf or visit www.tribune.lk.

  • How long will the power cut happen ?

It depends on the approval of the Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka (PUCSL). Normally the total duration is 2-3 hours per day, and it occurs as two sessions.

  • What is Ceylon Electricity Board’s hotline number ?

Hot line: 0112 324 471

Office Telephone
Call Center 1987
General Numbers 0112 324 471
Chairman’s Office 0112 329 108
General Manager’s Office 0112 320 953
  • Whom do I contact when our area has a power cut?

To report or ask about power cuts in your area, you can dial 105. And, if you notice damage to power lines or substations that could threaten you or the other person, you can also contact 105.

These are only for information purposes. Always check with the official website www.ceb.lk to verify today Power Cut Schedule.