Smoking in Sri Lanka

Smoking in Sri Lanka or smoking cigarettes has become an interesting thing that many people watch. There are reasons for religious, social, cultural impacts and health as well. Whatever the situation in Sri Lanka, using the cigarette breathing system as a heating drink is a normal thing in cold western countries.
Today we are going to read the chemicals in cigarettes and whether it has an effect or not.
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🚬 Organic compound in cigarette smoke
Cigarette smoke contains a large amount of organic compound and range. There have been almost 7360 different compounds as scientific estimates have been over the past few years and this number could still go up. 70 of these huge compounds have proven cancer functionality in humans and many others are suspected to be cancerous.
The cigarette smoke that has the most harmful impact has several organic compounds.
1) Nicotine that is not cancer
2) N-Nitrosamines (N-Nitrosamines)
3) Benzin
4) Aromatic Amines
5) Acetaldihyde and formaldihyde
6) 1,3-Butadiene (1,3-Butadiene)
7) Acrolein (Acrolein)
8) Multipurpose Hyde Rockabana
(Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons)
🚬 nicotine that is not cancer
Nicotine is a member of the Alkalide family compound. Caffeine is also a member of that family. Cigarettes usually contain about 10 mg of nicotine, while it is when cigarette smoke, it absorbs the blood, and stimulates the production of a number of neuros when it reaches the brain. Nicotine neurot ransmitter appears to be acetilcoline (Ach) and ACH commonly connected to the immunisation stimulates dopamine production, linked to the body’s output. This is the reason I am addicted to smoking. Nicotine is actually high measles are poisonous to people. That’s decided by the amount of cigarettes.
🚬 N-Knight Rose Amen (N-Nitrosamines)
These are a huge organic compound with Knight King. Studies have shown that the majority of Knight Rosaminees cause DNA (DNA) distortions, while some of them are human cancer specialized in tobacco.
This NNK (nicotine-projected knight rosamine keton) and NNN (knight rosonicotin) are at higher risk for cancer. Research has shown that tobacco-specific knight rosamine size varys widely, while brands tend to display lower levels of these compounds.
🚬 Benzin
Technically, Benzin is useful for making Ethilbensin, the premier for producing stirin. Styrene can be multipurposed to make polyuretine. Benzin is an organic chemical and has been made naturally as a re-process of events such as a fire or firecracker. However, the compound is a major effect of human exposure from cigarettes, which is about 50 % of its exposure in the US. Benzin is a proven cancer based on evidence from animal and human studies. It has also been shown that bone bones can change in color bodies under lab conditions. (Bone bone bone is a place where new blood cells are created. ) So this damage can cause anemia and other blood vessels have low levels.
🚬 Aromatic Amines (Aromatic Amines)
Aromatic amine is another compound family that is often used for the synthesis of plastic and drug. They are also seen in cigarettes smoke. Their levels include a high value on a side of cigarettes. (Made in the burning corner of the cigarette). Several of these compounds have been proven to be human cancer, and more evidence that they contribute to the cause of cancer, especially in smokers.
🚬 formaldehyde and acetaldehyde
(Formaldehyde & Acetaldehyde)
These two combinations are two combinations of the Aldehyde family. Formaldihyde is also known as human cancer and acetaldihyde is classified as a cancer factor in animals and cancer in humans. Acetaldihyde is actually the most cancerous in the tobacco and melt into salty when smoking. Acetaldehyde and formaldehyde both strongly emerge skin, eyes, throat, slash tissue and breathing path.
🚬 1,3-Butadiene (1,3-Butadiene)
1,3-Butadyfen is a simple hydrocaban order with 2 double bonds. In a 2003 study (Fowles & Dybing), cigarette cigarette compounds for cancer and heart diseases, 1,3-Butadyfen presented the highest economic risk there. It is suspected to be human teratogen. (The cause of the dissolve)
Animal studies have revealed that convincing butadiphane during pregnancy can increase birth effects in the baby.
🚬 Acrolein (Acrolein)
Ac rollen is an unsatisfied aldehyde (also aldehyde which contains a carbon-carbon double bond). It’s a toxic combination and creates the eye, skin and breathing pathway. While cigarettes have been linked to ac rollen and lung cancer growth, there is no current scientific evidence that it is a cancer in humans. However, it causes DNA (DNA) distortion and can also cause cancer. Acrollane is linked to heart disease and is a multi-chemical in cigarette smoothie.
🚬 Multipurpose Hyde Rockabana
Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons
Multi-organic hydrocabana is a group of over 100 different organic chemicals made from the incomplete burning of organic compounds. Several cancerous, distorted or unmatched (teratogenic) identified. In Benzo-a-Pyrene is a most powerful container, especially the first chemical cancer to be isolated.
Excessive exposure to multipurpose hydrocabons in the uterus has been linked to low intelligence (IQ) and child wear and is linked to post-birth effects such as heart disorders and DNA damage.
🚬 Does your teeth become yellow when you smoke cigarettes?
As another organisation of cigarettes
The stars are introduced. This is a common word used for particles of smoking and wastes entering the body. These waste contains many toxic chemicals, including carcinogens, which cause cancer. Stars are a little bit of sticks. It creates brown stains on teeth, nails and lung tissues. It has also been found that the tale cancer contains more β€²β€² carcinogen benzo pyrene
🚬 Does smoking cigarettes affect your breathing?
The answer is yes.
Carbon monoxide in cigarette smoke – Carbon Monoxide Gas Inside. This is a deadly gas that works as a breathing poison that takes space for blood oxygen gas bonds. Chathurtaka protein, which contains every red blood, contains oxygen particles, contributes to the body-wide consumption. But carbon monoxide, bonding with hemoglobin better than oxygen prevents the body from getting the amount of oxygen it needs. Then the red blood cells are produced to carry oxygen. (This increases the thickness of the blood cells due to the increase in the red blood cells. ) This prevents sufficient oxygen to the brain, heart, muscles and other body organs that need more oxygen in the body.
This is how cigarette-related chemicals can be shown and smoking causes cancer. It is a scientifically and scientifically proven fact. Everyone knows that cigarettes contain nicotine and it’s the main reason for smoking addiction. Here are the range of chemicals containing cigarette cigarette cigarettes that can cause cancer (cancer) effects and other effects they can have on the body. The effect of some of the above chemicals explains why women should not smoke during pregnancy.
Similarly, all of these ingredients and attitudes affect the internal function of the body and the efficiency of the body’s immune system. It is necessary to remember that there are reasons for reducing immune.
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The process – Susantha Alagiyawanna
(With an American investigation report)

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