Spending Time Outdoors? These Are The Best Weatherproof Speakers

The fact of the matter is, we’re all spending much more time outdoors than we ever expected to. Whether you are enjoying time outside playing in the backyard, grilling some delicious food, or taking a dip in the pool, every outdoor activity is more fun when you’ve got music blaring. If you’re worried about damaging your regular bluetooth speakers, then it’s time to invest in some weatherproof speakers that will allow you to fully relax and enjoy the great outdoors without a single worry.

Going wireless is one of the most important features when choosing an outdoor speaker to buy. You’ll also want something that’s durable and won’t get damaged even if it is dropped. You want to make sure it checks all the weatherproof boxes without sacrificing on sound quality. These are some of the best outdoor-friendly speakers you can choose from.

Best Overall: JBL Boombox 2

JBL Boombox 2

The JBL Boombox 2 is a great option for a portable speaker that’s got it all: great sound, durable, and a large volume range. It is fully weather resistant, build to withstand both hot and cold, and terrains ranging from sand to snow. It boasts a long 24-hour life and can also charge other devices on the go. Additionally, you can pair two phones at a time to this speaker. Amazon reviewer said: “…WOW. and that’s not just from me. I’ve shown this to many friends and took it to a 4th of July Block party as well. Set it on top of my SUV and just blasted it. We put it on top of a car and let everyone take turns playing tunes. […] The sound quality is seriously impressive for such a small unit. The bass response is amazing, and I mean that in the “You will be seriously amazed” kind of way. Very clean, very smooth. […] At the block party we even plugged someone’s iPhone in to keep it charged. I still haven’t recharged it since the party and it’s still turning on…”

Best For Wifi And Bluetooth: Sonos Move

Sonos Move

Sonos Move

The Sonos Move streams over both Wifi and Bluetooth, making it a convenient speaker to move around. It’s easy to use and has built-in Alexa and Google Assistant compatibility. It is pretty durable, so it will survive and occasional drop. While it is a bit bulkier, it is small enough to be portable. Its battery life lasts up to 10 hours and is chargeable by USB-C. Amazon reviewer Lars Swanson shares: “Portable (Check), pairable (check), weather resistant (check), Trueplay (check), voice control (check), bluetooth (check), Sonos sound and of course WiFi capability, (Check and Mate). This really is an amazing speaker […] The ‘Move’ is the speaker I’ve been hoping that Sonos would make. Every situation is different but I’d highly recommend getting a pair of them. Everything sounds better in stereo. Enjoy and thanks Sonos for making life just a little bit better.”

Best Waterproof Option: UE Megaboom 3

UE Megaboom 3

UE Megaboom 3

For those of us who loves spending hours by the pool, a fully waterproof speaker is a must. The UE Megaboom 3 is a great option as not only it is waterproof, it also floats! Its 15-hour battery life is great for days spent entirely outdoors and it is easily portable. Curious as to how waterproof it is? It can survive up to 30 minutes full submerged in the pool. Target reviewer Teendocmbc shared: “This product was easy to pair to my phone and the app was easy to download and use. The sound from this device was very clear and I appreciated the ability to adjust bass, treble, etc. from the app. I would recommend this for anyone who needs a lightweight portable speaker.”

Most Wallet-Friendly: Tribit MaxSound Plus Portable Speaker

Tribit MaxSound Plus Portable Speaker

Tribit MaxSound Plus Portable Speaker

The Tribit MaxSound is waterproof, portable, and has great sound quality all for a wallet-friendly price. It can be fully submerged in up to 3 feet water for a maximum of 30 minutes, making it a great pool or beach friendly speaker. Amazon reviewer Robert L. Bush said: “…What a perfect speaker. I mean I own a lot of Bluetooth speakers. A lot. This totally amazing thing showed up today. I’m listening to it as I write this. This Tribit has made All of my other speakers, obsolete. The sound that I’ve been searching for, is here. The fidelity is pure. Not since the days of amps and speakers, old school, has there been such sound. Oh, am I blown away…”

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