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What are some of the most important train schedules in Sri Lanka?
All the train schedules of Sri Lanka can be found on the government website, but here are some of the most requested ones:

Colombo to Matara (southwest coast):
6:55 – 08:35 – 10:30 – 14:25 – 15:50 – 18:10.

Matara to Colombo:
06:05 – 06:20 – 06:35 – 09:40 – 13:25 – 14:10 – 16:00.

Colombo to Trincomalee (northeast coast):

Colombo to Jaffna (north):
05:45 – 06:35 – 09:40 – 11:50 – 20:30.

Kandy to Ella (Nine Arch Bridge):
03:30 – 07:45 – 08:47 – 11:10.

Ella to Kandy:
06:40 – 09:24 – 11:57 – 14:39 – 14:45.

What are some of the most important bus schedules in Sri Lanka?
Sri Lankan bus schedules are not so easy to be found online as the train schedules, since there is not only one national website combining all the routes together. Since there are many bus companies in the country, it is easier to find specific bus schedules for each one of them. Most of the times it’s not necessary to book the tickets online, so just by knowing the time that the bus leaves the station and being there a few minutes earlier, one can easily get their tickets on boarding.

What are the best ways to move around Sri Lanka?
Fortunately, public transportation in Sri Lanka is available and works fine in most of the country. Best way to travel long journeys are especially taking a train or a bus. By train one will get to see beautiful Sri Lankan scenarios, and it’s possible to get first, second or third-class tickets, being second class the most common one among travelers. By bus the journeys are sometimes faster but it’s not certain that one will have a seat.
For shorter trips one can take a tuktuk, a taxi (Uber works in some areas of Sri Lanka) or the local busses.
One will also have the option to rent a scooter or even a tuktuk to go around the island on their own.

What kind of stay is it possible to find in Sri Lanka?
There are many options of accommodation in the country and which one to choose and where to stay in Sri Lanka will depend mostly on one’s budget and what kind of experiences one is seeking.
Places to spend the night vary from a tent on a campsite, a shared room in a hostel, a solo or double room in a guest house or hotel, the rent of an entire apartment, or even an all-inclusive stay at a 5-star resort.
What kind of experiences is it possible to have while in Sri Lanka?
What to do while in Sri Lanka may vary according to what one is seeking. These are a few options of what to experience when in the country:
• Learn how to surf, chill on the beautiful beaches and meet backpackers from all over the world while sharing a hostel room;
• Hike the amazing mountains of Sri Lanka, go to safaris, camp and enjoy time at Nature;
• Connect with the Buddhist spirituality, go to temples and stay with locals at a guest house;
• Stay in a luxury all-inclusive 5-star resort and have the best honeymoon time or a very well-deserved vacation with nothing to worry about.
• Volunteer in exchange of accommodation and food and absorb the feeling of experience a meaningful trip still in a low budget.
• Or combine all the above if not in a hurry and want to have a mix of the real Sri Lankan vibes!

Written by Maria Clara

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