Vacancies : Coconut Research Institute

Vacancies : Coconut Research Institute
Applications are invited from citizens of Sri Lanka for the following posts of the Coconut Research Institute

  1. Deputy Director (Research)
  2. Research Officer
  3. Personal Assistant to Director
  4. Estate Superintendent
  5. Assistant Seed and Seeding production and Certification Officer
  6. Assistant Estate Superintendent
  7. Technological Officer (Electrical)
  8. Technician (Audio/ Visual)
  9. Library Assistant
  10. Technician (Printing)
  11. Management Assistant (Book Keeping)
  12. Field Officer
  13. Management Assistant (Accounting)
  14. Management Assistant (Auditing)
  15. Management Assistant (Clerical)
  16. Field Supervisor
  17. Lab and Field Assistant

Closing Date 12.01.2021

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