Vehicle Leasing Rates in Sri Lanka 2023 with Compare


Vehicle Leasing Rates in Sri Lanka 2023 with Compare

Product name Type Rental for Rs.100,000/- Repayment Rate
Commercial Bank

Commercial Bank Leasing

Unregistered Rs. 2,250 5 Years 27%
Hatton National Bank

HNB Leasing

Registered Rs. 2,288 7 Years 24%
Sampath Bank

Sampath Leasing

Registered Rs. 2327 5 Year 22%
NDB Bank

NDB Leasing

Registered Rs. 2,379 7 Years 22.50%
Seylan Bank

Seylan Leasing

Registered Rs. 2,379 7 Years 20%
Nations Trust Bank

Leasing for Professionals

Registered and Unregistered Rs. 2,319 7 Years 22%
Pan Asia Bank

Budget Plus Leasing

Registered Rs. 2,485 5 Years 26%
Central Finance Leasing

Central Lease

Registered Rs. 2485 5 Years 17%
Assetline Leasing

Automotive Leasing

5 Years
Amana Bank

Amana Bank Leasing

Unregistered 5 Years

Updated On: 3rd October, 2022

Vehicle Leasing Calculator

Leasing Calculator

Frequently Ask Questions

How to get vehicle leasing in Sri Lanka?

You can visit the branch of your choice and discuss with an officer there about your requirements. You will receive his guidance when you complete the application. Please complete the leasing application form and return it to the branch with all the necessary documentation. Don’t forget to bring your passport, driver’s license, or national ID card.

Can I sell a leased vehicle?

Yes. Those who are close to the end of their lease term on a vehicle leasing can sell their vehicle and possibly turn a profit.

What are the major disadvantages of leasing a vehicle?

You can notĀ  Own the vehicle until the end of lease. It may not save your money. I can be more complicated than buying a vehicle.

What happens at the end of leasing period?

The vehicle must be returned to the leasing agency after the term or duration of the lease period is finished, or it may be sold out for its residual value.

Above details are only for information purposes. Always check with the official websites of relevant banks to verify latest vehicle leasing rates.

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