Waze Just Made It Easier & Safer To Use Navigation On CarPlay

Anyone who has been using Waze with CarPlay knows that it’s been a bit difficult to control the music that’s playing along with keeping up with the map. It required you to take your eyes off the road in order to fiddle with it, and it should go without saying that even a second with your eyes off the road is a bad idea. A new update is changing that and making it easier to use both at the same time.

Waze On CarPlay Dashboard

According to MacRumors, Waze is rolling out an update that includes Apple CarPlay Dashboard support. That way, drivers will be able to simultaneously look at directions, media controls, calendar events, and much more all on the home screen.

This feature has been available to Apple Maps since the iOS 13 software update. Of course, this update is crucial for driving safety. Car UI should always follow the golden rule of “look at and touch the screen as little as you possibly can.”

This Update Will Help With Driving Safety

This Update Will Help With Driving Safety

Previously, a user who wanted to change the music would have to toggle to the Music app, press next, and then toggle back to the Waze app. That takes several taps and too much time away from looking at the road. Now, users can have music controls, Waze, and more all open at the same time on one screen. Now changing a song will only require one tap.

What’s nice is that this is not the only safety feature that’s included in this update. Additionally, the new update features lane guidance. This feature lets the driver know in advance which lane they should be in for the upcoming exit or turn. This will help alleviate the stressful situation of having to change multiples lanes right before an exit.

The Fewer Taps, The Better

The Fewer Taps, The Better

These kinds of updates are crucial to help keep drivers and all on the road safe. Though some might think these little changes could be trivial, they have actually have a massive impact with huge implications. These small changes could help save many, many lives.

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