World Teachers’ Day 2021 – Webinars

British Council has organized webinars for celebrate World Teachers’ Day 2021. Free webinars via zoom. Should register for Webinars. Certificates of attendance are available for all attendees

Webinars will be conducted under Below Topics

Looking back to look ahead ; Language Teaching Experiences during COVID 199
(Tuesday 05 October UK)

Single Voices, Global Choices; An Online Community Project
(Tuesday 05 October – 1700pm UK)

Quizzing Tools, Retrieval practice and multi-modal feedback in language lessons
(Wednesday 06 October – 12 pm UK)

A Recipe for teacher learning
(Wednesday 06 October 17.00 pm UK)

Teenagers : Flow and the random factor
(07 Thursday October 12 pm UK)

Using WhatsApp for interactive tasks
(07 Thursday October 17pm UK)

Digital Literacies
(Friday 08 October 12 pm UK)

Eco-literacy : What? Why? And How?
(Friday 08 October – 17.00 pm)

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World Teachers’ Day 2021 – Webinars