Before the holidays, Lanka Sathosa announces price reductions.


Lanka Sathosa, the state-owned wholesale and retail behemoth in Sri Lanka, has announced significant price reductions on a variety of necessities for consumers, which will take effect at midnight on April 8th in anticipation of the approaching holiday season.

Here’s a breakdown of the revised prices:


Product Previous Price (per kg) New Price (per kg) Reduction
Dry Chillies Rs. 1,150 Rs. 850 Rs. 300
Big Onions (Imported from China) Rs. 495 Rs. 375 Rs. 120
Big Onions (Imported from India and Pakistan) Rs. 495 Rs. 445 Rs. 50
Garlic Rs. 695 Rs. 680 Rs. 15
Potato Rs. 175 Rs. 165 Rs. 10
Red Lentil Dahl Rs. 77 Rs. 70 Rs. 7
White Raw Rice Rs. 47 Rs. 44 Rs. 3