Jayoda 2005 Results 04.03.2024 – DLB Jayoda Results


The most latest DLB Jayoda 2005 Lottery Results 04.04.2024. Winning Numbers of the daily Jayoda Lottery draw, along with special draw numbers information and jackpot prize.

Every Monday and Wednesday at 9:00 PM, the Development Lotteries Board of Sri Lanka announces the lucky Jayoda Lottery result on their official website.

Jayoda 2005 Results

Lottery Name Jayoda 
Draw Number 2005
Winning Numbers G   13   19   59   60
 Second Chance

Jayoda Lottery Result Prize Structure/Details

The below DLB Jayoda lottery reward chart illustrates how many numbers should match in order to win each reward.

Matches Prize
English Letter and 4 Numbers correct Rs. 22,104,458.80
4 Numbers Correct Rs. 1,000,000.00
English Letter and 3 Numbers Correct Rs. 50,000.00
3  Numbers Correct Rs. 2,000.00
English Letter and 2 Numbers Correct Rs. 1,000.00
2 Numbers Correct Rs. 100.00
English Letter and 1 Number Correct Rs. 40.00
1 Numbers Correct Rs. 20.00
English Letter Correct Rs. 20.00

Jayoda Lottery Rules/Details

Read the following Jayoda lotteries rules/details to get the prize.

  • The batch numbers of that ticket are valid only on the date of draw mentioned on the front. One ticket is valid for one prize only.
  • A new ticket will only be issued for a ticket with printing errors.
  • Tickets that have been tempered with, defaced or have incorrect torn or pieced together or otherwise determined by the computer to be invalid are considered void.

Winning prizes can be redeemed at the following locations:

Winning amount Submit claim form to
Rs 1000  and Below amount Ticket agents/Development Lotteries Board head office
Rs 100,000 and below amount Distribution dealers/Development Lotteries Board head office
Rs 100,000 and above  Development  Lotteries Board head office
  • Winners must claim their prize money within six months of the draw date.
  • Prize money is subjected to taxes as may be levied by the government from time to time.

About Jayoda Lottery Ticket

  • Development Lotteries Board (DLB) introduced the lottery ticket “Jayoda” on January 26, 2004.
  • Each ticket contains four numbers with an English letter.
  •  Jayoda drawings take place every Tuesday and Thursday for a week. 
  • It has multi-color tickets, similar to the other DLB tickets. The ticket for Tuesday is yellow, while the ticket for Thursday is orange.

FAQ on Jayoda Lottery results 

How to check Jayoda Lottery result ?

Live broadcast on national television channel (Jayoda lottery draw time 9:00 PM), From official website www.dlb.lk, Through SMS, From www.tribune.lk

How to check today Jayoda Lottery results online(official website)?

Visit the official website of the administration at www.dlb.lk. The latest lottery draw result will be shown as a list of the most demanded lotteries. You will see latest Jayoda Lottery result there.

How to win today Jayoda Lottery ?

Not everyone gets chance to win lottery. It totally depends on your time and luck.

How much is Jayoda Lottery ticket ?

A single ticket now costs 40 rupees, which is a little increase from the earlier price of 10 rupees.

How to buy Jayoda lottery tickets online?

Download DLB Sweep App to buy tickets.

These results are only for information purposes. Always check with the official website www.dlb.lk to verify your results.