NDB Wealth Money Fund – Unlocking Financial Growth

The NDB Wealth Money Fund stands as an enhanced alternative to a conventional bank account, specifically designed to amplify your financial advantages. While its form and functionality resemble that of a standard savings account, the Money Fund distinguishes itself by aiming to provide superior returns. The interest, accruing on a daily basis, elevates your potential gains. Moreover, akin to a savings account, you retain the flexibility to withdraw your funds at any juncture without incurring any penalties. This distinctive fund not only fosters elevated financial growth but also extends a heightened level of capital security, affording you the luxury of a stress-free lifestyle.

The NDB Wealth Money Fund strategically channels its investments into short-term government securities and LKR-denominated bank deposits of impeccable creditworthiness. This amalgamation of assets positions it as an exemplary stepping stone for initiating a comprehensive wealth management strategy.

Fund NDB Wealth Money Fund
NDB wealth money plus fund interest rate 19.50%* As at 21st August 2023
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Contact Telephone : +94 11 2 303 232
Hotline : +94 71 9 788 788
E-Mail : contact@ndbinvestors.com
Address Level G, NDB Capital Building,
No. 135, Bauddhaloka Mawatha,
Colombo 04, Sri Lanka
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“NDB Wealth is the first in the unit trust industry to reach the Rs. 100 billion mark in assets under management.”

About NDB Wealth

NDB Wealth Management Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NDB Capital Holdings PLC, proudly maintains its standing as the largest private sector fund management company in Sri Lanka. The company’s adept management oversees a formidable portfolio of nearly 158 Billion funds, earning the trust of over 21,000 institutional and individual clients. At the forefront of private sector provident funds management, NDB Wealth holds an unrivaled position, overseeing the highest number of such funds in the country.

Funds of NDB Wealth

  1. Money Market
    Money Fund
    Money Plus Fund
    Islamic Money Plus Fund
  2. Other Fixed Income
    Gilt Edged Fund
    Income Fund
  3. Income Plus Fund
    Share Market
    Growth Fund

In conclusion, NDB Wealth Management Limited stands as a symbol of financial excellence and growth. The company’s unwavering pursuit of excellence, coupled with a legacy of remarkable achievements, positions it as the preferred choice for those embarking on a journey towards financial prosperity. Individuals and institutions alike are invited to join NDB Wealth Management Limited in unlocking the gateway to financial success and growth.