How to Register a Business Online in Sri Lanka: A Step-by-Step Guide

Register a Business Online in Sri Lanka

Online business registration in Sri Lanka simplifies the procedure and makes it quick and easy. Whether you own your own company or are an entrepreneur, these steps will make the registration procedure go more smoothly for you.

Step 1: Check Business Name Availability and Reserve It

Before initiating the registration process, ensure your desired business name is available. Visit the Department of the Registrar of Companies (DRC) website ( and conduct a name availability search. If the name is available, reserve it through the eROC portal by creating an account and paying the necessary fee.
Make sure your preferred business name is accessible before starting the registration procedure. Make a name availability search by going to the Department of the Registrar of Companies (DRC) website ( If the name is available, reserve it by making an account and paying the required amount using the eROC site.


  • Q: How can I check if my business name is available?
  • A: You can perform a name availability search on the DRC website.

Step 2: Register Your Company with the DRC

After you’ve decided on a name for your firm, register it with the DRC. Fill up the eROC website with the necessary company information, such as the kind, address, directors, shareholders, etc. Upload scanned copies of the necessary documents, including the articles of association. Online payment of the registration fee is required.


  • Q: What documents are required for company registration?
  • A: You’ll need scanned copies of Articles of Association, director/shareholder details, etc.

Step 3: Provide Public Notice of Incorporation

Public notice of incorporation must be sent following a successful company registration. Upload a scanned copy of your certificate of incorporation via the eROC site, then pay the required public notice fee.


  • Q: How do I notify the public about my company’s incorporation?
  • A: You can fulfill this requirement through the eROC website by uploading the certificate of incorporation.

Step 4: Register for Taxes with the Inland Revenue Department (IRD)

To ensure compliance with taxation legislation, register your firm for taxes with the Inland Revenue Department (IRD). To provide company information and acquire a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), visit the eBIZ portal. In addition, if applicable, register for Nation Building Tax (NBT) and Value Added Tax (VAT).

How to get TIN number Sri Lanka Steps for Tax Identification Number (TIN) in Sri Lanka


  • Q: What taxes do I need to register for?
  • A: You’ll need to register for Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN), Value Added Tax (VAT), and Nation Building Tax (NBT) if applicable.


Registering a business online in Sri Lanka involves a systematic process facilitated by the eROC and eBIZ portals. By adhering to these steps, you can efficiently establish your business entity. For detailed instructions, refer to user manuals available on the respective websites or contact the Department of the Registrar of Companies (DRC) and the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) for assistance.

For further inquiries, reach out to the DRC at +94 112 338 628 or the IRD at +94 112 135 135. We hope this guide assists you in successfully registering your business online in Sri Lanka.